Trail of the Ark is heading into unchartered territory in search of solving the disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant, with the aide of known stepping stones to point us in the right direction.

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Expedition LostArk 2020 enhances the Trail of the Ark’s chance of success by using qualified research methods investigating both biblical and scientific sources in the coming venture.

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Global Archeology

Facing the Palmyrenes

What can an extraordinary group of sculptures commemorating the dead reveal about ancient life in Palmyra? Thousands of ancient inhabitants’ portraits once graced lavish family tombs in cemeteries just beyond the desert city. Studying this artistry can reveal much about wealth, power, family, and even the balance between local tradition and outside influences in a major trading hub, as Eva Mortensen and Rubina Raja reveal. The post Facing the Palmyrenes appeared first on World Archaeology. [...]

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Ancient visitors to the great family tombs outside the desert city of Palmyra would have come face to face with the dead. Within these edifices, the slots on shelves where the bodies lay were often sealed with sculptures depicting the deceased. Today, thousands of such likenesses are known, creating an extraordinary corpus of ancient art. Studying this is revealing fascinating insights into both life and death in a major trading hub. As well as showing that fashions come and go, the sculptures convey the enduring power wielded by wealthy families. The significance of kinship has also been under the microscope… [...]

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