Dean’s Trail

Dean’s Trail

Dean meets virtual reality

As we set forth following Dean’s Trail to find the lost Ark of the Covenant  we should keep in mind that his virtual journey is also designed to often merge with our own more serious quest.

Let’s look at this first episode. An early example is the subject matter of the lecture Dean is attending. He listens carefully to the legend of a tunnel between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. It is no coincidence that our own Trail of the Ark, living reality, presents the same legend.

Who knows we may decide to plant real time clues related to the lost Ark is some of Dean’s episodes? Another idea currently on the drawing board is to make Trail of the Ark child friendly to enable the adventure to be shared by families. That would involve introducing games, puzzles and whatever else is designed to keep kids occupied for a matter of a few seconds! Hopefully, it could also serve to introduce Biblical subjects in an exciting context.

It is our intention to enjoy having a fictitious hero lead the way for us on what could be a long journey ahead. Having an educational adventure, with fun packed moments, is designed to make this trail something very special.

So it’s over to Dean Borack, who is just as likely to lead us into unspoken danger rather than into a research library!