Trail of the Ark is heading into unchartered territory in search of solving the disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant, with the aide of known stepping stones to point us in the right direction.

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Expedition LostArk 2020 enhances the Trail of the Ark’s chance of success by using qualified research methods investigating both biblical and scientific sources in the coming venture.

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Global Archeology

Review: The Archaeology of Seeing

We, as modern humans, tend to look at ancient art with a 21st-century mindset. It is all too easy to stare (in wonder) at Palaeolithic rock art and conceive some idea, however complex, and consider it to be a plausible interpretation. In recent times, a handful of researchers have begun to deconstruct ancient art using a variety of scientific and social-science-based approaches, including pigment analysis, figurative perspective, the role of the surface topography, and the use of formal and informed analysis, to name but a few. The post Review: The Archaeology of Seeing appeared first on World Archaeology. [...]

Travel: An Etruscan Renaissance in Florence

What? Go to Florence to visit an archaeological museum? What about the great monuments of the Renaissance, or the museums and galleries stuffed with masterpieces that changed the world? A good question – though if you are in Florence, then I would heartily endorse a visit to one of Italy’s least known great collections of antiquities. The post Travel: An Etruscan Renaissance in Florence appeared first on World Archaeology. [...]

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